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Apr 26, 2021

Kiwiburn cannot function without participants who are keen to volunteer year-round in both leadership and support roles. Although the Paddock could fit more Burners than the number of tickets sold at past Burns, we simply don’t have enough volunteers to make this safe. Meanwhile, the extreme demand for tickets means you can’t guarantee getting a chance to Burn unless you pitch in. With that in mind, as well as the proposal to go to a lottery based ticket system, consider whether you might be the right Burner for these roles:

Ticketing 2iC 

We need two assistants to help the Ticketing Lead implement and manage the new ticket allocation and sale process. These assistants will manage the Kiwiburn Ticketing Gmail address, make sure allocated tickets reach the intended essential crew members, Theme Camp organisers, and Art Grant recipients. The role requires a couple hours a week preparing our Quicket page leading up to the ticket sale, and 2-4 hours a week after the sale responding to emails and chasing up recipients. You will also have a Gate shift on the opening Wednesday of the Burn, and be available before and after if necessary. Once the Burn is over, you’d also spend a few hours contributing to the Afterburn report. 

Suitable candidates need to display a high level of honesty, fairness, patience, and open communication; be tech-savvy enough to navigate the ticketing systems, with a reliable internet connection and own computer; and have strong spreadsheet skills including attention to detail.

Theme Camp Coordinator

The Theme Camp Coordinator organises registration of Theme Camps in the months leading up to the Burn, making sure the Town Planners and Safety Team have enough information about their space and noise requirements to map out the Paddock effectively. You will also make sure each camp receives its correct allocation of tickets and information packs, and that early arrivals abide by the extremely serious Book of Regulations.

The role requires up to 8 hours of your time each week in the six months prior to the Burn, and you’d need to be on-site for four days before Gate opens, and write a report after the Burn is over. It’s quite a challenging role, as you will need to correspond via email with representatives from every camp, so you will need VERY strong communication and organisational skills, and consistent internet access. Fortunately, there will be support staff available to help, including a 2iC whom you’ll need to find and train.

Volunteer Coordinator 2iC

Our Volunteer Coordinator requires a trusty sidekick to register volunteers and match them up with the appropriate teams. You know, asking people about their skills and availability, checking up on team leads to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing, running background checks to make sure none of the volunteers are secretly eldritch spirits in disguise (or, if they are, that they are assigned to the appropriate team). 

The role requires two to three hours time per week, all year round (including after the Burn), but minimal duties on the Paddock. You’ll need to understand Kiwiburn’s various teams, have good communication and organisational skills, including data and time management. 

Website Designer, Website Content Creator and IT Team Member

Basically what they say on the box – we need some burners with L33T (or even semi-L33T) computer skills to design our website, update it, and provide tech support when needed. These three roles require up to two hours’ time per week each outside of the Burn, and don’t require you to give up any time at the Burn itself. May as well do something useful for your community while you are anxiously refreshing Facebook, waiting for your crush to post something, right?

If you are interested in any of these roles (or one of our other vacancies), check out the job descriptions here and applying using the following link:

Image credit: NZTEU via Wikimedia Commons

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