The Chair is in The House!

Jun 7, 2021

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that we have a permanent Chair again! Andy Justice has decided to stop “acting” and officially become our Big Kahuna, The Great Leader, The Munificent and Extraordinary Chair of Kiwiburn ExCom (that’s the short title, for informal address purposes only).

Andy has been our Acting Chair since November 2019, while at the same time serving as Treasurer (because he is amazing like that). He has been a calm, capable, supportive leader and we are glad that he has decided to step out of the shadows and officially take the helm. Someone with Andy’s passion, experience and relationship with the KB team is exactly the person we need as we grow and evolve. 

ExCom just had a great planning session under Andy’s (now official) leadership, and we will be making plenty of announcements about ticketing, arts grants, new team members, and a new structure and roles in the week to come. In the meantime, here is to the Dawn of the Age of Andy!


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