Tinkledrum update

May 16, 2022

The Tinkle Drum is taking shape! This project follows the legacy of The Giant Weta which earned Black Rock City Honoraria project in 2016. Now we are building a human-powered musical instrument!

The first, smaller(!) prototype build is well underway in preparation for the Netherlands’ Regional Burn  ‘Where the Sheep Sleep‘ next month. The build crew are navigating the challenges of sustainability: reused timber is variable, making Tinkledrum veer off course. How hard can it be to make a perfect circle??? The New Zealand-based part of the team are busy planning a fundraising party (watch this space!), making epic SWAG, and throwing the builders the odd bit of (odd!) advice from down under for good measure.

Check how she rolls!

And in the meantime check the Facebook and Instagram and pages, like and follow to stay up to date with this awesome project. Or even better, donate a fiver (gofundme) now, to help the team secure the materials for the big Nevada build!

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