Urgently Seeking Volunteers!

Nov 23, 2020

We’re two months away from the Burn, and there are still some major volunteer roles that need to be filled! These four roles are vital in ensuring Kiwiburn goes off without any major screw-ups, and we need responsible participants to step in to help make 2021 a great Burn. For full job descriptions, check out Kiwiburn’s Volunteer Opportunities page; when you’re ready to apply, email volunteer@kiwiburn.com.

Traffic Lead

The Traffic Lead collates the traffic information needed for Kiwiburn’s traffic management plan, and co-ordinates the on-site traffic team to help guide and park participants when they first arrive on the Paddock. They will also liaise with the Town Planning, Greeters, and Gate teams to ensure the traffic runs smoothly. They should ideally be on-site through both the entire Burn and for up to three days beforehand. They should have strong leadership, organisation and motivation skills, plus ideally be familiar with Google Suite and have a strong interest in NZ traffic law and obtaining TC and STMS certifications. If the person is able and willing to commit to this role longer term, Kiwiburn may contribute towards training costs. 

Perimeter Lead

The Perimeter Lead is the person who sets perimeters around burns; the safety wizard who tames the element of fire. They work with Rangers, Medics, and Fire and Safety crew to ensure all large burnable art on the Paddock burns safely and under control – particularly the Effigy and Temple burns. They liaise with the Fire Chief, Event Manager, and Burnable Arts Liaison to ensure each burnhas a safe plan, permit, and perimeter, and train and schedule volunteers to oversee the burning and ensure participants respect the perimeters. The role requires a commitment of about 8 hours over the Burn itself, plus two hours a week beforehand; applicants should have previous experience with fire safety – preferably having volunteered on a burn perimeter – and a proven ability to manage high pressure situations.

Crew Support

Crew Support is like the fairy godmother/father/parent who provides support to other volunteers, including Leads, during the course of the Burn; the strong, supportive glue that helps all the crew do what they need to. They will work with the Kitchen and Ministry of Public Works leads to ensure the crew have a welcoming and safe zone with a menu appropriate for all. They need to be present and approachable for crew members to talk to about any mental or emotional trouble they are having onsite, and offer support if they sense someone is looking or sounding like they are struggling with anything. They will also plan events and activities not centered around drinking and partying, and conduct twice-daily runs providing water, hydrolyte, dietary inclusive snacks, sunblock, and morale-boosting interactions. This is a one-hour-per-week commitment in the run-up to the Burn, but is a full-time role on-site both before and during the Burn.

Crew Assistance

Crew Assistance are a team of three who help guide and support other volunteers in the lead up to the Burn, with regular check-ins to prevent burnout. Their role is to help keep morale high by lending an ear, assisting with issue resolution, and even sending out little tidbits of appreciation when necessary. Applicants should be familiar with Google Suite, but most importantly, should be an empathetic soul with excellent communication and problem solving skills. The role is one to two hours per week from now until the Burn, but won’t require you to give up time at the Burn itself.

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