What you need to know about Kiwiburn 2020

Sep 9, 2019

You’re interested in buying tickets but are not entirely sure what you might get yourself into?

The Kiwiburn Survival Guide was recently updated with the latest information to help you answer a number of questions. Even seasoned Burners should have a look as a few things have changed since the 2018 event.

Not entirely sure how Kiwiburn even works? Get in the know and have a look here for a bunch of info. Kiwiburn is a Regional Burn event based on the 10 Guiding Principles of Burning Man. Have a read and get familiar with them. Each principle resonates with some people more than others. They are the fundamental reason we come together in a paddock on a regular basis.

The art theme for next year is Eclectic Decade as we embark on another 10 year stretch in this century. Who knows what the future will hold? The fortune teller might help you figure it out…..

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