Year Round Volunteer Roles

Jul 5, 2021

Help us round up year-round, well-rounded, all-round fabulous volunteers to make Kiwiburn go round. Don’t just stand around, fill in this form and join us at the round table (ExCom, do you have a round table? We need it for a bad pun!). 

Ok, before the word round loses all meaning, we need:

Communications 2IC: you’ll be our boss (we’re the EFP writers, we want a nice person to tell us what to do please!), and you will help wrangle everything from social media to the website and EFP. 

Photography Liaison: Join the communications team and look after how photos are taken, shared, used and distributed. Navigate the fine line between consent and creating beautiful memories. 

Safety Facilitator 2IC: Make the event safe by preventing pianos and other objects from falling on our heads (Never heard of pianos falling on heads at Kiwiburn? That’s how good the safety team is!). Manage the Black Sheep Ranger tribe, Health and Safety, and other useful people that make Kiwiburn happen safely and sensibly. 

Services Facilitator 2IC: Make sure that Burners can get help, information, ice, hugs, and tickets, in and out of the Paddock, and everything else they need to make their Burn a good one. Be an organised person. The ability to see the future is a distinct advantage, though not required.

SWAG Team Lead: Make awesome Kiwiburn Stuff that will become part of the memories of all volunteers for many years to come. Or build a time machine and get the robots in the future to make the swag for us, both are fine.

Apply here, join us, BECOME US. We can’t wait to meet you!


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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