Rangering, my gift IV

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Part four by Pete Lumos Wyatt I have talked about Dirt/Dust Rangers who walk the Paddock/Playa (that is my passion), Shift leads who work with the event managers, Dust leads who are senior problem solvers but there is so many more skills and variation in the Ranger Family, and yes we are a family within the greater Burn family, because … Read More

Rangering, my gift III

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Part three by Pete Lumos Wyatt My next burn for the year was AfrikaBurn, the biggest of the regional burns, it is very much like a smaller or younger version of Burning Man back in 1998 with around 13,000 participants, a pretty flat dusty playa to provide dust storms, lots of art cars and Theme Camps. Here we are known … Read More

Rangering, my gift II

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Some of the International Rangers who crewed at AfrikaBurn 2019

Part two by Pete Lumos Wyatt Rangers are not police or event security, we are simply participants who volunteer a portion of our time in service of the safety and well-being of the community. Rangers act as non-confrontational community mediators, providers of reliable information, facilitators of public safety and navigators of the edge of chaos. Some say Rangers are the … Read More

Rangering, my gift I

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Part one by Pete Lumos Wyatt Unconditional Gifting is one of our Burner principles, and to give of yourself is I believe one of the greatest gifts. For many years I have been a Ranger because as a sober elder I am always keeping a watch over my Burner family anyway. Rangers are not police or event security, we are … Read More

Volunteering for Kiwiburn

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The Depot at Kiwiburn 2015

By Karl Matthews, Volunteer Team Co-Lead Kiwiburn is almost entirely organised and operated by volunteers, without whom there would be no Kiwiburn. The organisation is in a significant period of change with many of our wonderful Team Leads deciding to step down or change roles. Consequently, we’ll soon be launching a full scale recruitment drive to uncover new leaders who … Read More