Ignition news – (sorry for the FOMO)

Electric Fencepost

Going to Ignition next week?

Here are some things you probably already know but we are going to tell you anyway. 

Check for updates on the Facebook page.

Reduce your stinky gas emissions and make friends, join the Carpool Club. 

Plan ahead – check the online event guide so you know what’s going on… and while your at it! (and possibly more importantly) look at ‘what to bring’ on their website, it will help you pack while you are too excited to think.

Volunteers – remember your shifts and Everyone, be nice to Gate especially on Wednesday. They like gifts that they eat and drink 😉


Sample packing list:

  • radio
  • sock and stick on googly eyes
  • paper and envelopes for hate mail
  • at LEAST 5 wigs (better than 3)
  • hip hop pants
  • Science Hat
  • port
  • backgammon set
  • strawberries
  • wide brim hat

OK great! Have fun, drive safely, be sunsmart, and listen to this.