25 to Thrive

Mar 11, 2024

The Burning Man Regional Network fosters year-round engagement with Burning Man culture through over 100 locally organised official Regional Events each year. Since its founding 25 years ago, the Regional Network has grown from three annual events (in Texas, California, and Canada) to now spanning 125 communities in 34 countries.

This year, as the Burning Man Regional Network celebrates its 25th anniversary, they’re taking the opportunity to look toward the next 25 years and consider how to build an even more creative and resilient network with the 25 to Thrive project. This project aims to revitalise the network, focusing on clarifying its purpose, enhancing community connectivity, and promoting sustainability.

And they need your input! Filling in a quick survey will allow you to share your views, ideas, and concerns as Kiwiburners about the Burning Man Regional Network. Check out the most recent article, and take a nosey at the previous article for more about this awesome project.

Image credit: Burning Man Belarus 2020 by Marina Koshevskaya

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