Nov 27, 2023

Kiwiburn’s Annual General Meeting is THIS EVENING @ 8PM! That’s Tuesday, 28 November, 2023.

It’s all happening online, so you’ll need this link HERE.

PSA: If you were part of the Kiwiburn 2023 magic or if you’re all set with a ticket for 2024, you’re already in the club—a full-fledged member, no extra charge required!

Bring your thoughts, feelings and opinions to the AGM. This is your chance to have a say! It’s also your chance to listen to those special humans who make Kiwiburn happen and to separate reality from rumour! 

For those of you who like reading (ew, gross) and want to peruse through the 2023 Afterburn report BEFORE it gets published on the shiny new website we’re building (and it is OH-SO shiny) you can follow this here link.

Lastly, you can find all the docs for the AGM in the Google groups thread here.

We look forward to seeing y’all tonight at the meeting! May the best Zoom Background win.

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