Art at Kiwiburn

Jul 1, 2019

We thought we would give this Fencepost a bit of an artistic vibe, given the recent release of Art Grants and the call out for Effigy and Temple designs.

We know that you peeps are amazingly creative, out-of-the-box thinking, artistically gifted individuals, so for the more reluctant of you, we want to tease out your inner artisan.

Have you thought about making Art for Kiwiburn, but were not sure where to start?

Henri Matisse said that ‘creativity takes courage’, so be brave and have a look here for some inspiration, and follow these links if you’re thinking about building a Temple, or an Effigy.

Many of the most breathtaking and thought provoking Art on the Paddock has come from a simple idea sketched on the back of a beer mat. Creating these pieces, especially the temporary ones destined to be burned, can change your life and that of others who interact and experience your magnum opus.

Read here about one reluctant artist and how an Art Grant brought his pirate ship to life (KB-log by Pete Lumos).

What are you waiting for? Kiwiburn and your fellow Burners are waiting for what YOU can build!

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