Kiwiburn Support Services Summit

Jul 8, 2019

Last weekend, a bunch of volunteers got together to ensure Kiwiburn 2020 is the safest event yet!

Support Services. Sounds like exciting stuff, right?

Well, maybe not though they sure were productive! Powered by pizza and a desire to improve communication, they gathered over a weekend representative from Rangers, Sanctuary, Deep Space, Consent Guardians, Site Managers and Operations to discuss a bunch of strategies to keep the Paddock safer for everyone.

It was a great opportunity to everyone in the same room to get to know all the new Leads and hash out communication channels in order to operate like a well-oiled machine during the event.

A whole range of topics were covered, such as identifying our internal culture and values to support wellbeing systems. This means that we can now build processes more easily which promote Burner culture, keep everyone safe and support the volunteers who make the whole thing happen.

Other topics addressed included synching shift handovers, communications channels, how to educate the community on new regulations, creating a volunteer base on the Paddock, culture shift, Theme Camp responsibilities, being more inclusive and supporting volunteers. So yeah, it was pretty full on!

All in all, it was a weekend to start ongoing improvements, acknowledging needs and kicking goals. We are grateful to all the volunteers that gave up their weekend to make Kiwiburn a safer place!

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