Be a part of Virtual Burn

Jul 19, 2021

Burning Man is happening online again! And this year, it’s a journey around the world, with participants from New Zealand and Australia invited to host the day of 29 August 2021.

Burning Man is calling upon Regional Contacts, Regional Event Organisers, Theme Camp and Art Leads at Regional Events, other Community Organisers, and other enigmas to become part of Virtual Burn. All the details are in our blog post, however the most important information is:

  • They are looking for a 3 hour session  – this could be live conversation, videos, art tours, or any other ways for international Burners to get to know our community
  • The date by when you have to submit your idea to Burning Man is 1 August.

Let’s rise up and represent Kiwiburn in this beautiful project!

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