Be The Human Your Burn Needs: A Volunteer Leader

May 17, 2021

Hear that weird humming noise in the back of your head? That’s the Paddock calling out for volunteers to prepare for the next Burn. Even in the depths of winter, Kiwiburn preparations must roll on, and they cannot do so without key volunteer leaders. And yet, there are a number of positions which have sat unfilled for a wee while now. So if you’ve been meaning to put your hand up and increase your participation, now is your chance!

First up, we still need a Theme Camp Coordinator. You know, the person who makes sure all the Theme Camps are registered and have communicated their needs so that Town Planning you put them in their places. If you’ve ever found yourself grumbling about how your Theme Camp could have been so much cooler if only it was allocated more tickets or given more gold stars or such like, now is your opportunity to try life from the other side! But seriously, we really need someone to coordinate our Theme Camps, otherwise they’re liable to get lost and wander off into the river.

Secondly, we need a bunch of second-in-commands. Our Safety Facilitator, Crew Facilitator, Ticketing Lead, and Volunteer Coordinator all need trusty 2iCs to help them in their gentle quest to help Kiwiburn live its truth and be all it can be. So if you really want to be more involved behind the scenes of the Burn, but are more comfortable assisting than leading, you might want to consider shackling yourself to the wagon of one of these mighty Burner volunteer leaders. Consentingly, of course. 

Job descriptions, and the application link, for all of these roles are available on the Kiwiburn website, and some of them only require a couple hours of your time each week, if not less for some parts of the year). Come on, you know you want to – all the cool kids are doing it!

Image Credit: Leonardo da Vinci, Vitruvian Man (via Wikimedia Commons)

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