Thank you to those who have headed the call!

May 17, 2021

We often shout out about needing roles filled, asking peeps to step up and put their money where their mouth is, so it is about time we acknowledge all those humans who do and did raise their hands, bravely poked their heads above the parapet and chucked their names into the murky waters that are Kiwiburn Org. 

And sometimes, for a myriad of reasons, you don’t succeed in securing a role, or it is not what you were looking for. That’s OK! We still salute you, brave Kiwiburner! 

And to those who, for a myriad of reasons do succeed and become a part of the machine, we definitely salute you too! We recently filled all IT roles we advertised and a couple of others, so cheers for that!! It really does take a village. Volunteering is hard, we get it. However, it’s also enormously rewarding, fun and a creative outlet, so here is to all of you who do the mahi, devote your time and make a thing happen!  

Image Credit: Anonymous Internet Meme

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