Be the next Kiwiburn Services or Safety Facilitator

Jul 6, 2020

Photo by Tristan Tolley

Kiwiburn is in need of two sparkly new Facilitators (sparkles optional). One to oversee the safety aspects and one to manage the services department.

Facilitators are part of the ExCom, the group that makes key decisions about the event. Each facilitator looks after a team and represents their interests at ExCom.These roles do come with a fair whack of responsibility; however but also withthey also carry the support of a whole group of people who love burning and want to create the best event possible. 

To be a facilitator, you generally need to either have experience in facilitation and managing humans or have some experience  in your department’s field.The Services Facilitator looks after Centre camp, Depo, Gate, Greaters and Ticketing Teams, and the Safety Facilitator manages the Rangers, FAST (Fire Arts Safety Team), Health & Safety, Medics, Security and Site Management teams. 

So, if you have interest or experience in any of those areas, we would love to hear from you! Here are the job descriptions for Safety and for Services, along with instructions on how to apply. If you are interested, yet don’t feel you have the experience, you can email the Crew Facilitator  who can tell you what spots are available where you can learn and upskill in your areas of interest.

We know there are many talented people out there in our community, we need all those skills to thrive as an event – if you are all about Safety or Services now is your time to shine.

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