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Mar 15, 2021

“Kiwiburn is awesome! I want to help ensure it keeps being awesome!”

Sounds like you? Well, Kiwiburn relies on a collection of volunteers who give their time both at the Burn and all year-round – and we currently have some important positions to fill. Picking up a role at the start of the Kiwiburn cycle means that you are fully involved with all the lead up to Kiwiburn 2022. It’s also a sure-fire way to be guaranteed a ticket for KB2022, and you know that’s worth its weight in rainbow unicorns!

Read on for details:


If you are an expert – or even a passionate amateur – at using Gmail and the wider Google suite of software, maybe you’d like to become Kiwiburn’s Postmaster. You would maintain Kiwiburn’s Google Workspace and help volunteers make the most of their Gmail inboxes – solving password and other login issues, that sort of thing. You’d also ensure our Google Drives are well-organised and accessible, and assist with our other digital tools such as Asana, MailChimp, and AirTable. The role is up to two hours commitment per week, and requires you to be reliably online to assist with any issues that arise.

 Crew Facilitator

The Crew Facilitator is the go-to for the various Crew Team Leads (such as the Volunteer Lead and Training Lead, among others). They ensure all the Leads’ different goals are coordinated to work together for the Greater Good. You would help these Team Leads manage their budgets, ensure communication flows between them, and report back to ExCom (Kiwiburn’s Executive Committee) of which you would be a member – sitting on ExCom means you will also have a significant voice in Kiwiburn’s strategic decision-making. The role is two to five hours commitment per week, and also requires your attendance at the ExCom summit and Kiwburn AGM, as well as the monthly online ExCom meetings. You would need to be familiar with the Kiwiburn organisational structure (preferably with some leadership experience), comfortable working online and being flexible, and able to be a collaborative leader.

 Safety Facilitator 2IC

The Safety Facilitator second-in-charge helps the Safety Facilitator to lead the Safety Team! They also make sure all of Kiwiburn’s volunteer teams and crews are aware of safety decisions that affect them. The role is two to five hours’ commitment per week year-round, rising to five to ten in November and December, but won’t take up your time on the Paddock itself. You also get to sit in on ExCom meetings!

If you are keen to become a volunteer but none of the above match your skills and experience, do not despair! Contact and tell us what your jam is, and we will find some delicious toast to put you on!

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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