Calling for Kiwiburn 2022 Art Theme submissions

Mar 15, 2021

“Image” credit: Jo Legutko

We’ve dusted ourselves off after KB21, we’ve re-immersed ourselves into this thing called “The Real World”, and now it is time to think about next year! Put your thinking caps on, and let’s come up with a theme for KB22. Whaddaya fancy? Anything goes (well, almost), though if you’re not careful, we might go with one of the below random ideas, which are all unequivocally awful:

  • Snails – They are awesome
  • Dreams, but in purple
  • Are you going to finish that….?
  • The wonderful world of cats
  • Choo choo Trains, and other modes of transport
  • Let’s Crossfit! 
  • Toga Party
  • Shower thoughts

You can do better, surely! Submit your ideas here and let’s make 2022 one to remember! 


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