Behind the Scenes: Jasmin, the Burnable Arts Coordinator

Sep 21, 2020

Burnable Arts are what the Burn is all about! Jasmin makes sure awesome contraptions are brought to the Paddock and duly (and spectacularly) incinerated. We asked her to tell us a little about herself: 


Firstly, what does the Burnable Arts role involve?

Facilitating the application process for people who have a great Effigy or Temple idea, running the assessment process to select our Effigy and Temple, and helping the leads get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed on the way to the Paddock!

How do you spend your time when you are not doing things related to Kiwiburn?

I work in IT, wander back and forth between Hunterville and Wellington with side trips to visit friends and whanau around the countryside, and love a good gig (the Yot club in Ragland is always good fun!)

Being involved with Kiwiburn can take a lot of energy. How do you re-energise? 

Sleep, look at art, hang out with my close buddies, eat great food (esp. with my Wellie flatmates!)

Do you have a favourite Burn outfit?

Whatever dress I’ve whacked up a couple of days prior usually! preferably something with plenty of airflow for dance camp outings!

What skills have you learned by being involved with Kiwiburn?

It has totally reinforced to me that chatting beats email any day, and to focus on the outcome, not on a fixed process!

What has been your favourite moment at a Burn?

There are so many; if I have to pick, last year there was a golden half hour: I had a bit of an intense temple writing session, then the perfect Sisters of Mercy song came on full bore and life was just amazingly perfect and in alignment…

What are you most excited about for Kiwiburn 2021?  

After this completely mad year (with no doubt more madness to come) I’m excited to see what the Paddock will bring – you get the Burn you need, not the Burn you want, right?! And after this year, it feels like it really could be anything!


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