Behind the Scenes: New Communications Facilitator Julia Damrow

Jun 22, 2020

Meet Julia Damrow, ExCom Communications Facilitator

Tell us a little about yourself

Firstly, what does the Communications Facilitator role involve?

In this role, I look after all aspects of, you guessed it, communications for Kiwiburn. This includes the Electric Fencepost newsletter, social media such as our Facebook presence, Instagram and Youtube (yes, we have a channel). Of course, I do not do this alone as there is an awesome and multi-talented team who help out with this! I try to keep abreast of all that is going on, or will need to be addressed, preempted or thought about to keep the community well informed. This is an ExCom role, so I also represent Kiwiburn on a more general level and help to ensure we get the right people on board and make relevant decisions as needed so we can have a smooth and safe event year on year. 

How do you spend your time when you are not doing things related to Kiwiburn? 

I play competitive pinball (badly), am an expert cat cuddler, fancy myself a bit of a singer (also badly) and would spend most of my time travelling if I could. I also love cooking, baking, and holding elaborate dinner parties. We all gotta eat, might as well do so in style. 

Being involved with Kiwiburn can take a lot of energy. How do you re-energise? 

Usually, I’m pretty good at taking a break when I think I need it. If all fails, I’ll cook a thing or hone my cocktail making skills. That always helps. 

Do you have a favourite burn outfit?

SPARKLES! Anything that’s shiny and shimmery works for me (non-moopy of course). Alternatively, there is always my red fishnets, red lace bodice and red wig! 

What skills have you learned by being involved with Kiwiburn?

I have definitely been able to improve my communication skills, especially written. And being involved with such an amazing community reminds me everyday how much I don’t know. 

What has been your favourite moment at a Burn?

Grilled cheese sandwiches at 3am and doling out Shark Attacks(TM)  

What are you most excited about for Kiwiburn 2021?  

Don’t know about you, but I am ready for some sweaty hugs in a field! 

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