Burning Burning Everywhere

May 3, 2021

When Burns get cancelled, Burner spirit gets bottled up and eventually explodes all over the default world! The last two years have seen an increase in community projects, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Burning Man has started two initiatives to record and promote such projects. Participating will help map the ways Burning Man culture is being applied to conventional challenges. 

The two initiatives are:

  1. Sparkly things: Please log into your Burner Profile and go to Sparkly Things to tell Burning Man about your impact-driven projects and initiatives – anything from art projects to community initiatives to academic research! 
  2. Wiki: A crowdsourced wiki maps global offshoots, entrepreneurial culture and our communal efforts. Please take a moment to add initiatives and information to this wiki.

How to populate the wiki / discussion page: There are two main interfaces to the wiki — the content page and discussion. To edit the content page, click ‘Edit’ in the upper right corner. To edit the discussion page, click ‘Discussion’ in the top left, and then ‘Edit’ in the top right. Both interfaces use the same wiki syntax. A cheatsheet is available here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Cheatsheet

Burning Man is also looking for volunteers to help with this community-led experiment. Please get in touch with jenn.sander@burningman.org if you are interested in learning more. 

Image Credit: https://www.commongrounds.coop/ – Commongrounds is a real estate cooperative in Traverse City, Michigan, which is one of the Burn inspired projects happening in the world right now.

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