Burning Man 2021 and Burning Seed 2021 Cancelled

May 3, 2021

Sadly, though probably wisely, Burning Man 2021 has been cancelled, making this a two year hiatus. We feel for the organisers who had to make this tough call – even as the weight of the pandemic is beginning to lift, the threat of transmission is real and a wild and free mass gathering in the desert is still not safe. Consider donating to financially help support the Mother Burn through this tough time, and read all about their plans for a grand 2022 return here. 

More sad news – Burning Seed, Australia’s largest Burn, has also announced that no 2021 event will be held. Covid is one reason, another is a lack of volunteers as many key people stepped back from the Burn during the 2020/21 crises. 

We hope they recover and return stronger than ever in 2022, burning bright. 

Image credit  D.A. of Black Rock and Tanner Boeger

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