Burning Man Ticket update

Apr 22, 2022

Trying to get to Burning Man? Ticket update from BM org is here:

The 2022 Main Ticket Sale has ended! If you’re still in search of your Golden Ticket, ne’er fear! Here are the additional upcoming opportunities to secure a ticket to BRC:

  • Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP), which facilitates the safe return and resale of face-value tickets purchased directly from Burning Man Project, opens April 20 for buyers and sellers. See the 2022 STEP page for more information.
  • Ticket Aid (formerly Low Income Ticket) Program is open and accepting applications. Visit the Ticket Aid Program Page for more info and to apply.
  • The OMG Sale is August 3 at noon PT, with a registration period of July 27-29. For more information about the OMG Sale, please read through the BRC Ticket Info page.

Visit tickets.burningman.org for more info. 

Art: closeup of The Folly by Dave Keane and the Folly Builders, 2019 (Photo by Jane Hu)

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