Call for Posters

May 24, 2021

Now that Kiwiburn 2022 has a theme, we need You (yeah, that’s right, reader, You!) to come up with a brilliant and daring poster to proclaim this Burn to the world! You get to decide what you reckon a time-travelling Burn looks like, and how best to tell the people all about it in shapes and colours. To view some past Kiwiburn posters, see here. To find out how to enter, read here. Entries close on 30 June, so get painting/clicking/however you make your Art.

Also think about what your design would look like on stickers, patches, wristbands, posters and the event guide. Go on, picture it, dream about it, but also, like, consider it in a design-y kinda way. What font will you use? Hint, Kiwiburn is particularly fond of Comic Sans. Fond of font. Haha. 

Aaaanyway, we can’t wait to be surprised, delighted and plain ole’ wowed by what you crazy kids come up with.


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