Kiwiburn 2022 Art Theme Announcement!

May 24, 2021

Are you excited? We are excited! The Kiwiburn Arts Committee (KAC) has sifted through a plethora of wonderful, whacky, amazing suggestions and have chosen the Art Theme for 2022. Congratulations to Tracy Earl for the winning submission of:


(drum roll)

Time Travel

Oh yes, we will do the time warp and go back to the future, we will travel to galaxies a long time ago and timelines where Trump is in jail and Corona is just a beer! Jump in your DeLorean, your Police Box or your Hot Tub Time Machine, and get thinking about all that ticks, warps, or transports us to times long gone or never before seen. 

“Time is an illusion in reality. You are invited to experiment, create a new existence, re-live an old one, or embrace a timeless freedom… the possibilities are endless; is the future as bright? Or is the past what you’re blasting? Whichever direction you choose; via wormhole, black hole or time machine – take a journey to a place that brings a smile to your face.”

We are excited to release your imaginations on the fertile grounds of history, science fiction and chronology. You can start by making a poster – see the call below!

Image Credit: Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory via Wikimedia Commons


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