Kiwiburn represented on the international stage this past weekend!

Jun 7, 2021

Kiwiburn was invited to present at two virtual international Burner events this past weekend. On Saturday, Chair Andy “Money Daddy”, Event Manager Firecracker and Communications Facilitator Julia “Flying Squirrel” presented on the topic of “How to hold a Burn in a Pandemic” at this years BONZA (Burners of New Zealand and Australia) Summit on Saturday, which also hosted our own new Regional Contact Shelley Watson. If you’d like to check out the notes from that presentation, you can find them here.

The team did the same presentation on Sunday at the Burning Man Regional Network Summit, to representatives from Burns around the world. The talk was very well received. We know that Kiwiburn was one of few the Burns to happen in 2020 and in 2021, and one of even fewer which went ahead at capacity (or even at increased numbers) and within largely normal parameters, bar the absence of international participants. 

Our learnings were shared far and wide across the Burnerverse with access to our covid policies, plans  and other government-approved documentation. So many of our international friends not only do not know when they will be able to hold a Burn again, but some events are even under existential threats for a variety of reasons. Again, we count our lucky stars to have had an event at all  this year! 

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