Regional Round Up, nice to see you again

Can you be too offensive at Burning Man? What is offensive when you follow radical self expression, shouldn’t you just walk away and practice some radical self-reliance? Read a Caveat rebuttal in the Burning Man Journal. Burning with Curiosity – a first timer...

Burning Man tickets on sale dates

Time is racing along and 2019 Burning Man Metamorphosis is not far away. Want to be there? Well, you can! Here is all the info on tickets and when you can buy them. Please only use the official page for ticket information buying tickets. FOMO (formerly known as...

Know your Regionals

The Burning Man network is always growing every year world-wide. Do you plan your travels around Regional events? You can alway find out what is on here.

Feeling the love?

Burning Wish is a community of survivors, caregivers and volunteers making Burning Man accessible to cancer patients and their families. Learn more here about how you can be involved.

Regional Round Up

Membership Applications for the new Burning Seed Entity The Burning Seed restructure committee is seeking expressions of interest from people who want to be a member of the new entity that will run Seed into the future. Details here. Theme Camp Info Night –...