The Afterburn Report is out. For 2020. 

Feb 15, 2021

One of the requirements that is necessary if you want to be a recognised Regional Burning Man event is an Afterburn Report. This is where every member who was in a leadership/managerial role contributes their take, including what their role entailed, what worked and what did not. This document is then made public and makes for riveting reading. In all seriousness though, this type of documentation is vital to ensure we grow as an event, as an organisation and that lessons are learned year on year. 

Due to various circumstances, the Afterburn report for Electric Decade (yep, that was last year, in January 2020 if you can remember that far back) had not been fully completed and formatted until just prior to this year’s event. But it is there now. Have a read, provide feedback, it is your document after all. 

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