Whoa, so that was a thing!

Feb 8, 2021

Kiwiburn 2021 has come and gone and wasn’t it spectacular? Of course, the experience of the Burn remains up to the individual, however in one completely unbiased and unprejudiced opinion, this was the best Kiwiburn yet!

There was a lot going on and we can count ourselves so incredibly lucky that we got to gather in a field and burnt a Dragon and a Temple. While no Burn will ever be perfect for everyone (and if it was, it would miss the point), this one was a bit special. 

Kiwiburn wishes to thank all the volunteers who made this happen, whether in year-round roles, critical on-site positions or those who did an on-site shift. It takes a village and everyone who helped made a difference! Thank you!

Image credit: Jo Legutko

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