Changes To Reserve Tickets For Theme Camps

Dec 11, 2023

Creating and running a Theme Camp is a big job. It can take many, many hours to put it all together. We know how much planning and mahi goes into it, and we are always blown away by what you bring to the Paddock. It’s safe to say that Theme Camps are the heart and soul of the Burn. Rest assured, your offerings as Theme Camps don’t go unnoticed!

We know that one of the biggest issues is ensuring that you get your hands on enough tickets for your camp members. This is a yearly occurrence, and we know it can be stressful.

Now if you’re a Theme Camp Lead, you most likely have a good idea of how the reserve ticket system works. Bex, our wonderful Theme Camps Facilitator, and the Theme Camp team decide how many tickets to allocate to each camp based on a set of criteria.

Historically, if you ran more events, you would generally receive more tickets. This worked great for some time, but with more Theme Camps, it starts to get messy. As we saw in 2023, when we had over 90 Theme Camps, it resulted in a crazy number of events. Which of course resulted in a HUGE event guide, nearly 700 of them needed to be squeezed in!

On top of this, it also meant some camps were running events nearly non stop, leading to some burnout in the community. Putting together a camp is tiring enough, without running events constantly. As Kiwiburn increases in size, this issue would just get worse.

In order to alleviate these issues, and to save the event guide from needing to be printed on A3 paper, things have changed.

We can confirm that from now on, running more events DOES NOT equal more tickets.

This year, we want to encourage Theme Camps to instead focus on quality event offerings, instead of quantity. We recommend 4-6, and there will be more info to come on this very soon.

The ticket allocation process for KB2025 will be reviewed after KB2024 and will be in consultation with the community and a lot more transparency, so we’re all on the same page.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading and thanks again for your mahi. We look forward to seeing you on the Paddock!

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