Crew Facilitator 2iC Needed

Apr 13, 2021

Fancy yourself as a handy sidekick? Be the Robin to the Kiwiburn Crew’s Batman, by volunteering as our Crew Facilitator 2iC. In this role, you’ll support the Crew Facilitator in building strong communication and co-operation between the various Team Leads. This will largely involve taking on a plethora of small tasks delegated by your leader. And occasionally making tea for Alfred.

The role is 2-5 hours per week, rising to 5-10 hours per week in the two months leading up to the Burn. You’d attend the ExComm Summit, AGM, and monthly online meetings, but would be free from commitment during the Burn itself. 

To be the sidekick we need, we’d like you to be familiar with the various Kiwiburn teams, as well as G-Suite and Asana software. You’ll also need strong communication, collaboration, and time-management skills. Some prior Kiwiburn leadership experience would be smashing too.

If this sounds like you, visit for a full job description and email to apply.

Image credit: Ceescamel via Wikimedia commons

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