More trees for the Kiwiburn site

Apr 13, 2021

Question: What does a Burner do on a weekend off? 

Answer: Weekend? What’s one of them?

And so it was that a bunch of us found our way to Hunterville this past Saturday to do some much needed tree planting on the Kiwiburn site. 10 hardy, spade swinging individuals got together and planted about 650 trees over the course of the day. Considering most of us were tree-planting virgins, that was pretty good going (if we do say so ourselves). Of course, we were given expert instructions by our illustrious leader and landowner, who may have done this some 1000 times before while the rest of us were reminded the next day that apparently there are these things called muscles in our bodies. Who knew?

Look for our efforts on the hill behind the duck pond and along the road towards the lodge, though that area is not technically within the Kiwiburn boundary. With any luck, some of these natives will survive too which is not always a given, so let’s all think positive, root-growing thoughts! 


Big thank you to Mark and Andrea and crew who were yet again the most accommodating and amazing hosts! 

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