A delightful dusting, a delicate dispatch

Oct 21, 2019

Here are some things we have gathered that you should now about. There will be a quiz about this next week, with some *sick* prizes, so read up!

Pufferfish Fundraiser!

Last week we wrote a thing about a Pufferfish fundraiser but failed miserably at telling you that it will be in Wellington. Pretty sure their Facebook profile is the only spot to find out the latest goss… that’s all we know!

Blazing Swanners

Going to Perth next April? Lots of great info for budding Theme Camps is ripe here – they have grants! Grants for Theme Camps. If that isn’t a reason to go we don’t know what is.

Multiverse – BRC 2020

Are we all simply carp, swimming in circles in an ignorant pond of our existence? Stuart Mangrum explores Burning Man’s theme for 2020.

First Photos

Ah! The internet. Now we can see images of the first Burning Man, finally!

Paddock Radio

Is still fundraising. Help! For a detailed explanation of why you should, see here!

Let’s get local

Lots of regions have Burner Facebook pages (sorry non-Faceys, it seems to be the major way folk connect these days), click on your area to connect with your community, or spy on what everyone else is doing!
Wellington, Raglan, Auckland, Christchurch, Northland, South Island, Otago (?)… did we miss one? Email news@kiwiburn.com

Remember, keep it clean Kiwiburners, and remember to sell your unwanted tickets, safely and securely, on STEP.

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