Temple of Entropy, Arrow of Time – want to know more?

Nov 4, 2019

This just in from the Australian Regional Contact Justin McGhee…
Our ol’ friend Bradley Ogden, a leading Effigy and Temple builder from over the Tasman has designed and put together an application for Burning Man Temple 2020. You may have bumped into Mr Bradley Ogden at a Kiwiburn long ago, and he also helped out our favourite Karl building the Temple at Seed this year.
There has been an all star cast of builders, project managers, lighting techs, designers, admin, fundraiser and support crew assembled – do you want to be part of the mayhem? Ehem… we mean the glory?
Submissions are due 21 November, though Bradley won’t know if his application is successful until 23 December, so if you think you may be interested in joining a stellar crew of Aussies/heaps of even better Kiwis (or are just curious) please join this Facebook group.
If you aren’t on Facebook, though are interested, please send an email to justin.mcghee@burningman.org

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