Temple of Spirals… in pictures and twisted words

Nov 4, 2019

We spiral, ‘tis the shape of our nature. We come from these twists and turns, gnashing at our tethers and clawing at our kennels, to seek our primal origin which outshines even these great fires.

Temple of spirals sketch

sketch credit: Karl Himself

As we begin to spiral out of control the Temple is our tether for the zoo that is existence.

All our creatures in connection, wild, free, spark the fire of our fears and dreams. 


the bearded Karl inside a skeleton of wood that will be the temple

photo credit: Jorga Christensen

the 'hat' of the temple in conscruction

photo credit: Jorga Christensen

Floundering, phoenixing, ebbing and flowing, the universal pattern.


The feral thoughts of our fellow primates allow us to truly escape the cage of reality and share emotions through the euphemisms of fire.

Always harshly raw, our lives take us to the centre of that spiral, from the race of rats and into the truly animal and actually amazing, articulated aspects of life.

birds eye view of temple of spirals

photo credit: Dan Campion

Sounds like monkeying around to me, we’re up to our necks in it. Nah mate you’re having a giraffe. Well I hippo the best for us… I don’t want to be left floundering…

temple of sprials lit up brightly at night

photo credit: Randy Brophy


Exiting the spiralling chaos, our tether to the world around us we, with radical intention and a fierce nature, follow our animal natures into the zoo of our design.


To relish in our own primal chaos, to present to each other in all our splendour.


side view of the temple of spirals during the day

photo credit: Dan Campion

The creativity of our fellow primates allows us to truly escape the cage of reality. Together, we will burn the candle at both ends and sow the seeds of our future. 

Disco temple - lit at night

photo credit: Alex Turner


Your journey will be honoured by the fire, the courage to make it is undeniably present, the gentleness of your soul will echo throughout the crowd as the Temple burns and what isn’t you burns with it.


the temple of spirals is burning from across the lake in orange and yellow smoke

photo credit: Lisa Dyer Randall

It is never too late to burn our thoughts, dreams and wishes to the sky. Let’s burn that bridge, together.


Words by Patrick, Jamie and Trent.

The Temple of Spirals at Burning Seed, Matong Forest 2019, by Karl Himself and his magical crew of misfits.

the temple of spirals burning in orange

photo credit: unknown

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