Event Guide For Our Community During Lockdown

Apr 6, 2020

The saying goes, “May you live in interesting times”. And by golly, we are! While all of New Zealand is under an unprecedented lockdown, people here and around the world have found ingenious methods to entertain, share stories, teach, create, and so much more, helping to distract us, engage us, and brighten up our days in pandemic proportions!

Burner family local and worldwide, let’s stay connected as much as possible and help keep each other entertained in the coming weeks. Do you have, or know of, a happening, a performance, a workshop, or an event to share with the Kiwiburn community? You can add events of interest such as performances like poetry reading, ballet, orchestras and choirs, live streams of musicians, online museum and art gallery walkthroughs, game tournaments, dodgy scientists’ rap battles and so much more.

Add it to this Guide for all to see. Submit your event here.

In keeping with the Ten Guiding Principles, all events submitted must be decommodified. 


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