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Dec 11, 2023

Picture the sexiest thing you can imagine. Are you concentrating on it? Can you visualise it easily?

Are you imagining Theme Camp Event Data? So are we! 

Data Insights from 2023 Events:

Reflecting on the past year’s events provides valuable insights as we plan for an even more dynamic 2024. With a staggering 650 unique events, this was easily the most event’heavy Burn we’ve ever had. The distribution across days showcased Thursday and Friday as the busiest, hosting 35% and 26% of events, respectively. Saturday and Sunday closely followed suit, contributing 18% and 14% of the event schedule, respectively.

Amongst the plethora of events, one theme camp stood out, orchestrating a remarkable 29 events!

The peak event times emerged at 2PM, 10AM, and 11AM, attracting the most activity and participation. Notably, 1PM and 3PM also experienced considerable event traffic, tying as the fourth busiest slots.

Key Points for 2024 Theme Camp Events:

  • With the approaching deadline on January 3, 2024, at midnight, it’s essential to secure your spot early by submitting your event proposals. This year, we’re encouraging theme camps to curate up to 6 events each, emphasizing quality over quantity to foster a vibrant and engaging event experience.
  • Early submissions come with a perk—claiming prime time slots! To minimize scheduling clashes, similar events slated simultaneously may be asked to adjust their timings.
  • Remembering the saturation of events on Saturday at 2PM, where an impressive 20 events took place concurrently, underscores the significance of thoughtful scheduling to ensure maximum participation and enjoyment for all attendees.

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