ExCom roles available: help keep Burners safe

Nov 8, 2021

With the recent announcement of the new org structure, and some other shuffles, there are a number of new ExCom and 2IC roles available, all in the safety and wellbeing space. The Safety department has been split into two and we are now looking for leads and 2ICs for both new departments.

The Site Safety Facilitator and 2IC look after tangible things to keep us from harm: This includes ensuring forms are filled out, policies adhered to as well as providing guidance on all things Health and Safety. It also includes looking after the Fire Arts and Safety Team (FAST) and general fire safety, an important task at any Burn.  This role does require a bit of year round attention (also by virtue of being on ExCom and all responsibilities that come with that). 

The second set is the Wellbeing Facilitator and accompanying 2IC role. They look after the people element of safety at a Burn, think Medics, Sanctuary, Black Sheep Rangers and Consent Club. While these roles are more centred on the event itself, as with any facilitator role, attendance at monthly ExCom meetings  and other responsibilities associated still apply.

There are also previously advertised ExCom roles available, so check out Services Facilitator and corresponding Services 2IC as well as Arts Facilitator 2IC. 

Click here to apply. 

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