Health and Safety (and gate) Update!

Jan 23, 2023

Covid  (most hated C-word now) is still a thing, so a few things to be aware off:

  • Please do not come to Kiwiburn if you feel unwell
  • Ideally do a RAT test before you come, especially if sharing a car
  • Avoid sharing utensils, cups, balloons (for those surprise Paddock birthday parties) or anything else someone else might have touched with their mouth. Avoid putting your tongue on another person’s tongue spot!
  • If you do get Covid while on site, you will be asked to leave if possible. If you came down with others or are too ill to travel, there will be an isolation area set up with food and shelter (finally a bougie VIP area at Kiwiburn) monitored by medics and site management.
  • Anyone who develops Covid while on site will be refunded 100% of their ticket and guaranteed a ticket next year, so no reason not to tell! 


Gate info

Please note that Gate hours have changed slightly from previous years:

Wednesday 25 January: 8am – 10pm

Thursday 26 January: 10am-8pm

Friday 27 January: 10am – 8pm

Saturday 28 January: 10am – noon (final entry)

Sunday 29 January: Gate closed, no entry

Monday 30 January: Exodus, all participants must leave by 1pm


Please note that a ROAD CLOSURE will be in effect for Cooks Road before Gate opens and you will not be allowed to camp or wait on the road until Gate becomes available. 


Please also note that you will not be allowed to drive on site after dark (really only an issue on Wednesday from 9-10pm). So if you plan on arriving late, you will need to camp by the car park area or carry your things to your campsite. 


Be aware that the road down to the site is quite steep and gnarly. Be sure that your vehicle is up to the task, especially if you’re towing something!

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