Important Dates for Kiwiburn 2024

Nov 13, 2023

Struggle to remember what day it is sometimes? Well then you could probably use some help with remembering all the important dates for Kiwiburn.

Here at the EFP, we like to think we’re pretty helpful people. Now we can’t help you get a date, but we can help you remember important dates. So, we’ve put them together in a handy list for you.

Now you’ll have no excuse to miss any of them!

We’ll update this in every new edition of the EFP, as we find out more deadlines, so stay tuned for more.

November 2023

15th – Last date to register if your Art interacts with the river

December 2023

7th – Arts & Theme Camp reserve tickets purchase deadline

20th – Last date to register for Art that requires placement by Town Planning (if it’s really large or requires a really large, empty area around it)

January 2024

3rd – Event and event guide submissions close

5th – Art registration closes

24th – 29th – Kiwiburn 2024 takes place

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