Important Deadlines 

Jan 4, 2021

Photo Credit: Bobert J. Rustafarian

The end of year festivities have now flown by, so it’s time to get our Kiwiburn planning wrapped up and ready to go. Please note these important dates:

Theme Camp Leads – 10 January Deadline

Early entry emails for those camps that have successfully secured early entry passes were sent to camp leads in early December.  Don’t forget you have to reply with names to that email by 10 January.

Event Registration – 12 January Deadline

If you are wanting to share your events with others attending Kiwiburn you need to head to the website and register your event before next Tuesday, 12 January! If we don’t have it by then, you will miss the print deadline! 

Art Registrations  – 12 January Deadline

Thanks to all of those artists that have registered their Art for us all to enjoy! If you still need to let us know what magical creation you are bringing, there is still a week until the 12 January deadline to register your artwork. Registering will ensure your Art gets placed on site, appears in the event guide and on the map so that people can find it! Don’t miss out, register now!



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