Radical Self Reliance: How to survive the Burn (and help others!)

Jan 4, 2021

Radical Self-Reliance is one of our favourite Principles. You know a Radical Self-Reliance adherent by the fact that they are fixing your flat tire while loaning you sunscreen and directing you to Know Your Stuff, all while setting up their Theme Camp and helping with two art projects. Those are the people you want to run into on the Paddock – or rather, the people you want to BE on the Paddock. 

Our blogger, Navigator, writes about the importance of Self Reliance in this week’s blog, both the physical and the emotional aspects of being a cool cat in the face of hardship and challenge. Here is a sneak peak at the physical packing list (and those are just the bare essentials!):

  • At least 4 litres of water per person, per day.
  • Cash moneys, but only to buy ice.
  • Sun protection: umbrellas, sunblock, hats, shade structures.
  • Clothing layers: it is cold at night and hot during the day. Be prepared for drastic temperature swings over 24-hour periods.
  • Food. Nothing cold or fresh lasts very long – think pre-prepared, easy to eat, low waste foods! Get rid of any additional and unnecessary packaging before you arrive (i.e. take cereal out of boxes, decant what you can into reusable containers, etc.)
  • Drink: Radical Self-Reliance! Bring what you need and enough to gift too, if you can!
  • Lights: Personal night time lighting, and camp lighting, to make sure you can see and be seen!
  • Camping gear: enough to be comfortable, have a place to prepare food, store food and ice, have shade and a place to sit, and tie it all down!
  • Medications, contact lenses, inhalers, epi pens, creams, sunburn treatments, etc. that you may personally require while on-site. Bring a personal first aid kit or be sure that your camp has at least one shared kit on-site.

Head over to the blog for more tips, including how to be emotionally self reliant (wouldn’t we all like that!).

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