Leave No Trace: What NOT to bring (and what to take away!)

Jan 4, 2021

January is here and the Principles are just lining up to be revisited. Our blogger, Navigator, sets her sights on how to leave the Paddock untouched, and the answer is: Don’t bring the MOOP, and if you do bring it, take the MOOP home again!

MOOP is Matter Out Of Place – everything we bring with us becomes MOOP if left behind. Some things are however much more moopy than others! Here is a reminder of items that are so difficult to remove from the Paddock that they are not allowed on site:

  •       Feathers of any kind e.g., boas (they shed, no matter what you do – try marabou instead)
  •       Glitter of any kind (including bio-glitter)
  •       Nuts in their shells
  •       Styrofoam chilly bins (they don’t hold up and will break into a million bits)
  •       Explosives, fireworks, aerial flares, rockets, firearms of any kind – including BB guns, air rifles, or paintball guns (for multiple reasons!)
  •       Chinese lanterns and/or balloons
  •       Single use glow sticks

There are many other things that are culprits in creating MOOP – read the blog to find out more, and also be reminded how to do a proper Exodus and Leave No Trace behind.

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