Ticket Lottery update

May 16, 2022

We know all those who purchased tickets for Kiwiburn 2022 via the general sale lottery and then received a refund have been feeling the loss and disappointment, and wondering what happens to you for Kiwiburn 2023. Conversely, everyone who was not successful in the general sale lottery also wants to have a fair chance at getting a ticket this year! We thoroughly debated how to balance these groups, considered all options and here is what we have come up with in an effort to be as fair as possible:

  • General Sale Adult Ticket Holders: If you purchased a general sale ticket for Kiwiburn 2022, as part of the lottery or on STEP, and received your refund of 85% of the ticket price, you will receive an extra weighting of 15% in this year’s lottery. This is to recognise that 15% of the overall ticket price was not refunded and these participants were therefore out of pocket (the un-refunded 15% supported covering the costs of KB2022 which did not happen.) 
    • Notes:
      • This is not a financial benefit, rather a slight increase in the likelihood of being offered a general sale ticket to purchase through the lottery. 
      • We will be applying the weighting to the email address that was on the ticket at time of refund, not to the original purchaser. This assumes that the person on the ticket was the one who would have attended the event, and that they were the one who – perhaps through private transfer if not the original purchaser – took the financial hit from the event being cancelled.
      • Weighting does not stack, so if you happen to have the same email address on multiple tickets you will still only receive a 15% weighting.
  • Crew & Volunteer Reserve Ticket Holders: If you bought a full price ticket as part of a volunteer or crew role (and not in the general sale), you will not receive this extra weighting as the ticket is associated with the role, not the person. Of course if you continue in your role or another qualifying volunteer position, you will get a volunteer allocation again.
  • If you received an Art Grant and associated reserve ticket, the Arts team will be checking in with you to see whether you will be attending Kiwiburn 2023. If so, you will be able to purchase this same reserve ticket again.
  • Similar to the above, if you are a Theme Camp the Theme Camp coordinators will be checking in with you to see whether you will be bringing your Theme Camp to the Paddock for Kiwiburn 2023. Your camp will be able to purchase at minimum the same number of reserve tickets that it was allocated for KB2022 (Theme Camps will be allocated more tickets overall, see more info here). 

This process, including the approach taken to applying the 15% weighting for the general sale lottery, will be fully transparent to you, the community. We are more than happy to share the algorithms and methodology. This solution gives a slight advantage to prior ticket holders, while leaving plenty of scope for anyone else to secure the right to buy a ticket as well. 

Or you could skip the lottery altogether and apply for a volunteer role! Have a look-see riiiiight here

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