Kiwiburn 2023: Important updates from our Summit

May 16, 2022

On the weekend of 29 April ExCom* members sequestered themselves in a beautiful, isolated AirBnb at Manukau Heads near Auckland and hashed out the parameters for Kiwiburn 2023. There were presentations by the Green Kiwi Sustainability team and a virtual meeting with the Paddock landowners. Our Facilitators also  presented many ideas and proposals for our future. All in all, it was a very productive and packed weekend.

Here are the major decisions taken: 

  • Date: Kiwiburn 2023 will definitely be held 25 – 30 January 2023. Ta-da!!! >>sound of party poppers<<. Ok, while this is hardly a surprise, the date does need to be confirmed officially every year, so here we go! 
  • Numbers: The overall attendance for Kiwiburn 2023 will again be capped at 2300. We never had a chance to run at that number in 2022 and with a bunch of other changes, and a renewed appreciation that nothing in life is guaranteed, this seems sensible. 
  • Ticket split: Ticket sales for Kiwiburn 2023 will be split 40:60 between the General Sale and Reserve tickets (Volunteers, Crew, Artists and Theme Camps) respectively. This marks a 10% increase in Reserve tickets compared to Kiwiburn 2022, with the entirety of this increase being allocated to Theme Camps. We realise many Theme Camps struggled with too few tickets in 2022 and the uncertainty that a lottery system brings to the organisation of their camp, so this should help address this. Theme Camps reserves will now account for 35% of all event tickets. 
  • Ticket Lottery: We will use the lottery system again this year for the General Sale. All dates and other info coming shortly! 
  • KB2022 General Sale Ticket Holders: See here for how former 2022 general sale ticket holders will be supported in the lottery this year.
  • General Sale / Lottery Purchasing Window: The main change to the lottery is a shorter window for recipients in the first round of ticket allocations to purchase their ticket. This will now be one week for the first round, moving to the standard STEP 48 hour purchasing  window for subsequent rounds.
  • Gate hours: Gates will now close earlier: at 10pm on Wednesday and 8pm on Thursday and Friday. 
  • Kiwiburn Profiles and Registration: We are changing  the registration process for the lottery and for Kiwiburn – watch this space! 

Most of the above will be elaborated on in subsequent weeks, so keep your ears to the ground, your eyes peeled and any other body part in a heightened state of consciousness for more news to come!

Your current Facilitators, from left to right, are: Chloe (Services), Craig (Community), Holly (Crew), Floyd (Infrastructure), Paul(Arts) – on screen, Andy (Chair/acting Treasurer), Julia (Communications), Tāmati (Community). Absent from this image, but present in the main picture 2nd from left is Briar (Secretary).

If you would like to help shape the future of Kiwiburn, And there are a few Facilitator roles open, see here

*We need a new name! Help us.

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