Introducing: the Green Kiwi Initiative!

Oct 4, 2021

What’s happening? 

For Kiwiburn 2022, we have a very exciting collaboration in the pipelines! Burning Man Org reached out to Kiwiburn to be the global Prototype (even ahead of the BM event itself) for their sustainability project: The Green Theme Camp Community initiative, which is part of Burning Man’s 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap – you can also find their two-year update here.

The First Green Kiwi meetings will take place online on Tuesday the 19th of October at 6.00pm – all welcome, just follow this link!

What does this mean?

The Green Kiwi initiative is here to support both Theme Camps and the wider community to burn greener, whether by small tweaks, communal efforts, or a complete overhauling of the way Burners burn. This is our effort to calculate, then reduce our environmental impact and pave the way of the future. This pilot project is likely to inspire a bigger shift overseas, for global change.

Burning Man is establishing a Green Theme Camp certification program called BLAST (Burner Leadership Achieving Sustainable Theme-camps) focusing on six categories – Energy, Water, Waste, Transport, Shelter, and Food – we’ll  be able to share insights and tips as well as resources, and create an event that is greener than ever. 

What now?

For those of you who are involved with Theme Camps, you’ll have noticed a couple of questions asking about sustainability within your Theme Camps – thanks for helping Kiwiburn collect the data we need to keep track of our effort! 

Soon, we’ll be launching a dedicated “Green Kiwi” Facebook group so that Theme Camp Sustainability Leads and others interested in Sustainability will be able to network with each other, the people behind the scenes at Kiwiburn, and our friends in the Burning Man community. We’ll run Zoom meetings (launching October 12th – link) and workshops, then, armed with all the tools, information and extra support from the Green Kiwi team, the Theme Camp Sustainability Leads will lead the way as they see fit: it is up to them to choose their sustainability challenge for this year!

For other parts of our amazing community, if this all sounds like a bit of you, we have some crucial, exciting sustainability roles that we’re looking to fill – Check the Volunteer Opportunities page and future installments of the Electric Fencepost to see when these are advertised, or get in touch at

Image credit: Pixabay

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