Introducing the Ninth Principle: Participation

Oct 4, 2021

“We achieve being through doing. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play.” – excerpt from the Ninth Principle: Participation.

Ever wonder how the Burn burns oh so brightly? How the flames leap higher and higher with each trip around the sun? How that bass gets deeper and, yet, the port-a-loos seem even cleaner? 

Welcome to the Participation Principle. It’s the Ninth Principle of Burning Man and 9/11ths of all 83.62% humans who have experienced it will definitely tell you that it is one of the most radical of all the Principles (excluding the Principles that actually have the word ‘radical’ in their name, of course). 

 “Surprise! YOU are the Event: Participation as a Principle,” is the latest Kiwiburn Blog post. Here to help fan your smouldering Participation embers; skip, ride, run, roll, hop, teleport, or crawl over to the KBlog for a whiplash reminder of why the actual hell we are all ‘doing’ all of this anyway.

Excited? Yeah, we know. Want to participate right now? Well there are plenty of year-round volunteer roles available, so check out the job descriptions here

More general info about: volunteering at Kiwiburn. 

If you’d like to volunteer onsite: apply for onsite shifts.

When you’re ready to apply for your Year-Round role: fill in this form.

Photo Credit: You Are the Key by Ralitsa Ivanova, 2013 (Photo by Setareh Vatan)

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