It’s the final countdown! Dah-dadah-da-DAAAH!

Dec 5, 2022

Shhh. Can you hear that? It’s the slow hiss of the sands of time, trickling through the giant Hourglass of Fate,. And what’s that, Mr Hourglass? There’s only FIFTY DAYS until Kiwiburn 2023? Yippeeeeee! 

That’s right, Burners. Each day from today marks another 2% closer to getting back onto that sweet, sweet paddock. Time to start asking yourself the hard questions such as: Where are my tent poles? Who did I lend my fire-pois to? Which drawer do my nipple pasties live in? 

As always, Kiwiburn wants to be leading the charge on Burning sustainably, so start thinking carpooling, waste management and minimising your plastic packaging! Planning ahead can really help you cut back on unnecessary last-minute purchases.

Image Credit: WomboArt by Dario

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