Dec 5, 2022

We’re not being dramatic, nor are we casting for Saving Private Ryan 2. 

This is an official call for someone to join the amazing medic team for Kiwiburn23! 

If you are a New Zealand registered medical professional or hold NZ recognised advanced first aid qualifications and are keen on helping the Kiwiburn community with basic first aid, then consider volunteering 4 hours of your burn to the onsite medics.

Kiwiburn has three tiers of medical assistance available on site, self-help, first aid, and emergency response.

Shifts are available Wednesday to Monday 8am-noon, noon- till 4pm, 4pm till 8pm. Tasks involve helping participants with first aid requirements, the onsite emergency response team will provide all the gear, you bring your training

If you are an EMT, Paramedic, CCP, ECP, ICP, Doctor, or nurse (ED, ICU, CCU, Flight etc) and would like to assist in an onsite emergency please come and visit the medics and we will discuss how you could help.

Compared to many summer gatherings, Kiwiburn is like Earth’s entry in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Mostly Harmless.” Our community takes care of one other. We have the stats to prove it!

THAT BEING SAID… Our universe is a fickle and unpredictable mistress. Even in the most safe, chill and froopy environments, booboos do occur. And for those inevitable stubbed toes, sunburns and injuries caused by excessive hi-fiving, we do need the hands of a healer. 

You’ll be joining the wellbeing crew, and reporting to the marvellous Milton, our wellbeing facilitator! Apply here!

Image Credit: WomboArt by Dario

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