Joining the Kiwiburn Facebook Group

Oct 7, 2019

So you’ve got a ticket, or hope to get one soon, and would like to be in the know for all things Kiwiburn 2020? Why, as well as the website, there’s a Facebook Group page for that.

It’s where you can go to get up-to-date news or reminders, and exchange all sorts of Kiwiburn related knowledge, making it almost as a informational as your trusty Fencepost (OK, we’re a bit biased).

Over 7000 of you are Group members and a fair amount are currently wanting to join. To do so:

  • You must answer ALL questions in order to be approved, so go back to your pending request and make sure you haven’t missed one.
  • If you invite your friends to join, let them know they need to answer all three questions or the request will linger into eternity, well, for a month anyway until Admins delete it.

The questions are not taxing, we just need to make sure to keep the riff raff and scammers out and all you good Burner folk in!



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